Kikay Astray ----> DONE!!!

Hello! Well just wanna update on this one... kindda an overdue post, ahahahaha! Here's the SD Astray (kikay style!) Just click on the pics to enlarge! Enjoy!!!

From this....

To this!!!

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Where's the Power?




Kikay Astray

Remember the "Kikay-47"? the riffle I painted in pink camo? If you do.... then its good! If not... better read my previous entries! Ahahahahaha! Well Im kindda tired of the usual scheme of my kits so Im planning to do another "kikay" finish! This time I'll apply it on the SD Astray Gundam! When its done I'll give it to Yna as a birthday present! That's it for now! Later guys!


Kikiay 47

Awww.... the "Kikay 47"! Looks good from here!


Last Week...

Crusaders Strikes Again

Ok... It's Thursday once again and so it only means one thing... time to hang out with the boys. This time it was no plain tambay or kwentuhan, I gotta paint Jam's riffle. They arrived late so I got to start painting at 6PM and I was forced to finished it 'coz I dont want to have pending works on my shoulders. Honestly I felt a lil' conscious while doing it 'coz I dont know if I can pull off the Pink Camo finish that they want and the fact that they (Mike and Jam) were there watching me. So I ask Jae's help to cut out some templates and hold it for me while I'm busy spraying, and Caloy's assistance for mixing paints and of course Pugee for the creative criticism. So after 3 hours I'm done painting, now it's time to put the decals (c/o Caloy), after that we decided to eat dinner... Mike cooked some Tinapa, and prepared some tomatoes and salted egg. Hmmmm.... yummy! hehehehe! So after eating, chatting and smoking, time to get back to work. The final top coat was applied and Mike assembled the riffle and it's done!
One Pink AK-47 riffle for his GF c/o Mechaion Designs! ahahahahaha!

One happy customer!!!

Oh before I forget all of them also bought this Casio Frogman Digital watch! What a trip! They were all forcing me to buy one also but I decline since that I have so many pending kits to buy. They were even laughing at me and saying that Im not in the group without the watch! Ahahahahaha!
Sino ang naiiba?

Mall Of Asia

I'll make it simple... It's big, It's crowded, and yes! It is a Jologs Infested mall! no plans of goin' back there! I rather shop at ATC or Makati.