Bandai MG Gouf Custom: WIP 3

Weathering time! Added paint chippings, I just used a 000 brush and dark gray lacquer paint. A bit tedious compared to sponge or salt/hairspray technique but it gives you more control on your desired effect.

Wash and filters also applied using pastels, a bit of oils for the rust streaks and discolouration.  


Bandai MG Gouf Custom: WIP 2

Here's a close-up view of what I did to the crotch area. Did some cuts and lowered the thigh joints by 4mm.

Some simple detailing.

Added 3mm of plastic sheets on the front skirt and .5mm on the sides to close in the gaps when assembled.

Another dry-fit to see how it looks before painting.

Painting done. Getting ready for some heavy weathering.


NG 1/100 Exia WIP

Late post that will be used as reference for the TRMS auction.

-(Left) NG Exia dry fit, (Right) Out of the box kit [Photo c/o Dalong]

-Neck joint extended by 2mm using Tamiya Pla-plates.

-Scribed panel line to simulate vents on the cheek piece.

-Cuts on the shoulder armor, will place styrene plate and bars to simulate internals.

-Addition of details on the torso (scribed panel lines, rivet holes and addition of Wave O-bolts)

-Lowered the crotch-thigh joints by at least 5mm. Reinforced by Wave C-line and 2mm of styrene sheets.

-Another mock assembly after adjusting the proportion. 

-More additional details (panel lines and rivet holes).

-Pre-painting modifications on the thighs to avoid masking.

-Filled the gaps with epoxy putty.

-Sharpen the blades using styrene and CA glue.

-Painted and decals applied, before the final flat coat.