Bandai Sangokuden Ryofu Tallgeese WIP

Been rushing this build for the last 2 weeks so I can have something to contribute for the GWBC 2011 Philippine Leg this coming Friday. Its around 95%, still some detail painting to do but I wont be able to completely finish it in time. But it'll do. :)


Trumpeter 1/35 M1134 Stryker ATGM

Here's my 1/35th scale Stryker ATGM from Trumpeter. Its an OOTB build. Painted with Gaianotes lacquer paints and weathered using oils and acrylics. I really wanted to apply more weathering to it but since this is my first modern AFV, I decided to play it safe and just apply a subtle filter and dusting on the lower half of the vehicle. Pardon me if its not that historically correct specially with regards to the stowage/equipments, cant find a decent reference photo of the "loaded" vehicle. As usual more photos at the main site.

Gallery at Mechaion Designs