HGUC Asshimar Done

Here's my HGUC Asshimar with an AOZ theme. I only changed a few things and added details here and there, which is not very obvious and just to be a little different compared to the stock or OOTB form. This build was actually inspired by Eday's Asshimar. I was impressed by the way he detailed and modified it.

More at the main gallery -- Mechaion Designs


HGUC Asshimar WIP: Paint & Decals

At last, I was able to finish painting, washing and detailing.

AOZ decals was also applied to match the color scheme.


HG00 Nadleeh WIP: Side Project

Now working on a side project, since painting the Asshimar was delayed due to the power interruptions in our area a couple of days ago. Here are some of the preps Ive done.

Pre paint mods on the shoulders.

Carved the sides of the torso and made the seam lines look like a natural groove on the kit.

Also scribed panel lines on the thighs (also on the arms) so it will look uniform with the seam since Im not planning to seal it.

Made some simple cuts on the legs to avoid masking. Will just have to slide the gray part after painting.


HGUC Asshimar WIP: Last Minute Works

Detailed the crotch portion using plates and scraps of wires, too bad it wont be that visible after painting and assembly. Will also put O-bolts later.

I also managed to modify the riffle a bit, building a scope and integrating some details into it.

Most of the parts were primed to check for errors and sanded again. Hopefully this time there would be no sand marks or glue marks left.


HGUC Asshimar WIP: Details

-Added MSG's for the monoeye
-Made extra fin
-Extended the neck joint
-Detailed the elbow covers using plaplate

-Made the upper thigh i bit more "pointy", also added round molds
-Added MSG's on the leg armor
-Made pseudo pistons out of rods
-Added IC's at the backpack