NG Astray Red Frame WIP: Dry Fit with Weapons

Dry fitted, and Im quite satisfied with it already. The addition of the Blue Frame's weapon was sort of a last minute call. Since I have the scraps might as well use it and at least this build will be a bit closer to the MG counterpart with the big sword.


NG Astray Red Frame WIP: Armor Details

Placed some pla-plates for layers and scribed panel lines on the armors for added details.

Also finished reshaping both knee armors. Also placed pla-plates and rods as details.


NG Astray Red Frame WIP: Detailing and Extensions

Placed some pla-plates to revive the old details that were removed.

Extended the thighs by 2mm

Addition of o-bolts and panel lines on the crotch armor.


NG Astray Red Frame WIP: Repairs

Got this kit for a very cheap price, but it comes with so many assembly problems. Most of the parts were already sealed but misaligned. Lots of putty works and restoration to do. You really get what you paid for. LOL

Plastic sheets will be very useful in this build to cover seams/flaws. I also did some details and pre-paint mods on the torso.

I also did some reshaping of the knee armors. I want it to be a bit more angular.


NG Astray Red Frame WIP

Been almost a year now since I started working with this kit. The build was very slow not to mention on and off due to different reasons like compe, schedules etc. Time to clear my workbench and finish this pending project.