HGUC Hyaku Shiki Done

My last kit for 2010, a kitbash of the HGUC Hyaku Shiki and Zeta. Just like of my usual builds this guy was treated with additional panel lines, pla plates, etc as details. It was a nice fun build which kept me busy in between builds for the last quarter competitions locally.

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Merry Christmas!


HGUC RX-79[G] Ground Gundam Type

Finished this kit about a month ago for the IPMS Philippines Nationals. Its a purely OOTB build with a slightly weathered scheme. I kindda miss pre-shading mecha kits, and its perfect to practice weathering I've learned from armor building. Chippings and filter were achieved using oil paints (sorry, cant be seen clearly from the photo because of the camera's exposure), then I used acrylics and powders for the dusting on the feet and legs. I was also amazed on the tooling of this kit, very few seam lines to tackle and excellent fitting. Probably my favorite build this year.


Sangokuden Bacho Blue Done

At last after more than a year I was able to build another Sangokuden kit. I must admit I had difficulties with this kit specially with regards to masking and paint finish. Lots of bleeding and touch-ups were done not to mention there were also some orange peel on the finish. But despite of all the mishaps Im still glad that I was able to finish this and its another addition to my Sangokuden collection.

Also, credits to zoidx_chung of Zero-G for letting me use his color scheme.


HGUC Hyaku Shiki: WIP Photos

Just another scrap build, been working on this kit for quite some time now... the usual on and off. I was a bit busy and lazy that I forgot to make a WIP entry for this one. But I still want to share it with you guys so just follow the link to my album below. Thank you!