HGUC Asshimar WIP: Armor & Feet

Added pla plates and rods on the armors for more depth and detail.

I also managed to modify the feet, also an idea I got from Eday.


HGUC Asshimar WIP: Head, Chest & Crotch

Made a cut on the head and placed some .5mm pla-rods.

The original detail on the chest doe not fit my taste so I sanded it down and replaced it with rods and plates.

Same with the crotch armor, made it a little more bulky.


HGUC Asshimar WIP: Panel Lines

The kit was pretty plain and lots of empty spaces, so what I did was to scribe panel lines just to give it a little more depth and mechanical look.


HGUC Asshimar WIP: Intro

Starting to build another kit, while Im still on the mood. This one is just a fun build at the same time part of an informal group build with some of my friends at Mechapinoy. Any UC model kit with an AOZ theme/color scheme. I was inspired by Eday's Asshimar build so I might try to copy some of his mods and details... if I can.


NG Astray Red Frame Done

I managed to finished this NG Astray kit after working with it on and off for almost a year. Still, I didn’t do much to it. The major modification for this build was the reshaping of the knee armors which I got the idea from Kieta’s Astray build. Besides that I only did some usual detailing like addition of panel lines, some rivet holes and pla plates for aesthetic purposes. I also extended the thighs a bit, according to my preference. Blue Frame's Tactical Arms was also added since I have scraps of it.

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