RX-78 G3 Gundam Done

Here's my interpretation of the RX-78 G3 Gundam. This project was a fun and mental build, basically a kit-bash using some of my scraps. I used parts from HGUC Rx78, MK2 and GM quel. I made the shoulder armors a bit bulkier using pla-plates and reshaping them, also fixed some broken parts on the torso and vents. Pla-strips was also added for additional raised details. In the end, it was a pretty good build and I'm quite happy with the results. Burn out was gone and ready to build again. ;)

More at the main gallery -- Mechaion Designs


HGUC G3 Gundam WIP Update: Painting & Decals

After a couple of days in hiatus, I finished painting the whole kit.

Cheeks and eyes were hand-painted.

Just another layer of flat coat after the application of decals and its all done.


HGUC G3 Gundam WIP Update: Details

The usual addition of panel lines on some of the parts.

Also added pla strips and metal beads for extra details and depth.

Got no choice but to mask the knees and ankle parts.


HGUC G3 Gundam WIP Update: Assembly & Crotch Mods

Reshaping of the shoulder armors done, primed and sanded for the imperfections. Will just add vents on the side later.

I also fixed the chest and vents due to some damages using putty and pla plates.

Did some cuts on the thighs to provide more mobility.


HGUC G3 Gundam WIP Update: Assembly & Pre-paint Mods

Kindda burn out of modeling. So I decided to do a simple and fun build out of scraps that I have. I'll be making my own version of the G3 Gundam using scraps from my HGUC RX-78, RX-178 MK2 and GM Quel.

Preparing some parts for some pre-painting modifications. Just Simple cuts and trim here and there.

I also want the shoulder armor to be a bit bulkier to fit the proportion of the MK2 and Quel parts. Did this using pla-plates and slowly building up the layers.


Tamiya 1/35 Schwerer Panzerspahwagen Done

My 2nd attempt on armor model kits. Again I have learned new things about weathering and Im pretty satisfied with the results. The build is pretty much OOTB, with an Afrika Korps color scheme. Enjoy!