Bandai UCHG 1/35 FF-X7 Core Fighter: WIP

Started working on my next commission build. This time its a UC Hardgraph 1/35 Core Fighter from Bandai. So far so good, as expected perfect fitting and the amount of details is quite impressive specially in the cockpit area. Assembly is also great, very minimal sealing and masking required. 

Size comparison with an old-school 1/144 Core Fighter model kit.   

Bandai MG MS-18E "Kampfer"

My longest reigning shelf queen is done! It’s an MG Kampfer from Bandai. Took me some time to finish this due to on and off progress. I made some modifications on the proportion since I find the OOTB kit to be a little fat/bulky for my taste. First is I extended the waist for about 2.5mm, same with the crotch area. Also did some armor trimming to expose some of the internals especially on the torso area. Reshaped the medial and lateral leg armors. Added some after-market parts (round molds & o-bolts), styrene rods/strips and panel lines to give additional details. Color scheme was retained coz' I still want to preserve the original look except for the red shoulder armor which I got the idea from the Ifreet Custom.

MG Kampfer before painting.

More photos at -- Mechaion Designs

MG Kampfer: WIP

Almost there...