NG 1/100 Saviour Gundam WIP: Dryfit

Did a dry fitting session to see how it looks after the extensions and mods. So far it looks fine to me, pretty much suits my preference. BTW I also extended the waist and front skirts. Applied pla-plates on the torso and skirt areas for additional detail and depth to the kit.

A small modification on the riffle, the OOTB is too long for me.

Here are some poses which the kit can do now.


NG 1/100 Saviour Gundam WIP: Details 2

More panel lines. I also replaced the detail at the thighs that were erased during sanding with pla-plate.

- Made some cuts at the side of the armor to add more articulation on the shoulder joint.
- Cuts and details on the lower arms.
- Lowered and lengthen the thigh joints, again for added articulation.
- Extended the ankle joints with pla-plates.


NG 1/100 Saviour Gundam WIP: Details

Some of you might have this kit and we know its notoriously plain-looking. With lots of empty spaces on some large parts like the legs. Currently Im slowly building and adding details using pla-plates. Panel lines and some rivet holes were also added.


NG 1/100 Saviour Gundam WIP: Intro

Currently doing a fun build. Its a long planned and abandoned project of mine. As you can see the proportion of this kit in MS mode is a bit crappy (well for me at least). So I guess a bit of extensions are needed for it to fit my personal preference.

First, I did the simplest articulation mod I know by shaving the top-medial portion of the thighs so it can have a wider stance.

I also did some pre-painting mods on the legs, really not that necessary but I end up doing it since I want to change the color of some parts and Im kindda lazy to do masking work later.


HG00 Gundam Nadleeh Done

I manage to finish this side project of mine. Even though its a bit cold and rainy these last few weeks. My main concern was the possibility of "frosting" due to the weather, but it all turned out pretty good. You can call it an OOTB finish, I just did a few panel lining and details to it.

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