Tamiya T-62A WIP Update: Dry Brushing and Chipping

Applied paint chipping using enamels (Dark Brown).

Dry-brushed the whole kit, first with Light Green then Desert Yellow.


Tamiya T-62A WIP Update: Decals and Filtering

Here's a small update. Applied the decals and sealed it with a layer of clear coat. Afte curing 2 filters was done (green and bark brown).


Tamiya T-62A WIP Update: Painting

For the base coat I used Gunze Sangyo Dark Green.

After drying/curing the base coat I highlighted it with a mixture of Dark Green with a little bit of White, Interior Green and Yellow.

And lastly, post-shaded it with a mix of Dark Green and Black.

The tracks were also painted. Mist coat of Black and drybrushed with Silver.


Tamiya T-62A WIP Update: Texturing and Priming

I made a welding mark on the front hull using Tamiya Basic Putty.

Also made some textures with Mr. Surfacer 500.

The kit is now primed. I also painted the edges with black for shading purposes. Ideally (well at least for me) it should be fully covered.


Tamiya T-62A WIP Update: Putty Works

Here's a small update, applied putty on all the seams, sink holes and small gaps. After sanding this, the kit is ready for priming.


7th IPMS Nationals

From the last IPMS Philippines Bert Anido 7th National Scale Modeling Competition.


Tamiya T-62A WIP Update: Upper Hull & Additional Details

Finished assembling the upper hull with its accessories.

I also added a few details on the kit. This based on my reference pics of the actual tank. I placed some pla-rod to serve as rivets near the mantlet cover. And pla-strips on the front hull.


Tamiya T-62A WIP Update: Road Wheels and Tracks

Finished assembling the road wheels and idlers.

For the tracks, I want it to have a natural sag and touch all the wheels. I achieved this by using Wave's C Line, inserting it to the lower hull to push the vinyl tracks down the road wheels.

Will just paint the line the same color as the tracks to hide it.


Tamiya T-62A WIP Update: Hull Assembly

There was a huge gap after joining the upper and lower hulls and rear plate. Im not sure if its a manufacturer flaw since this was an old kit, 1979 production to be exact.

So heres what did. I cut the rear plate removing 4-5mm from the middle and glued it again plus reinforcing the back with pla-plates.

No more gaps! :D


Tamiya T-62A WIP Update: Intro

The T-62 is a Soviet main battle tank, a further development of the T-55. Its 115 mm gun was the first smoothbor tank gun in use.

The T-62 was produced between 1961 and 1975. It became a standard tank in the Soviet arsenal, partly replacing the T-55, although that tank continued to be manufactured in the Soviet Union and elsewhere after T-62 production was halted. The T-54/55 and T-62 were later replaced in front-line service by the T-64 and T-72.

Here are the parts/runners. Quite a few compared to Gundam model kits, which is good since its my first time to build an armor kit.

This kit was produced way back 1979 so Im expecting quite a number of assembly flaws and wrong proprtions. Such as the following;

from: www.hyperscale.com

  • Kit is too long in the hull.

  • Kit lacks the downward slope to the rear hull.

  • Kit lacks the very noticeable external fuel lines around the external fuel drums.

  • Kit lacks all of the mounting brackets for the tanks and boxes on the fenders.

  • Kit's turret is not quite right.

  • Fittings like the corner station keeping lights are also missing.

  • The road wheels are awful (I don't know what the pundits mean by that).

  • The 10 bolt heads around each drive sprocket are missing.

  • Main gun barrel lacks detail around the fume extractor and it has the wrong diameter.