Bandai MG Wing Ver. Ka + Resin Wing 0 Conversion Kit WIP



Latest commission build. Bandai MG Wing Gundam Ver. Ka + resin Wing 0 conversion kit. This will be a priority build so all ongoing projects will be put on hold. So far everything looks good, packaging of the 3rd party parts is great, also comes with metal thrusters and a small decal sheet. I'll try post updates as much as i can. 


Bandai 1/100 Arios WIP

This one's next. Its a 1/100 scale Arios from Bandai. Will again be added to my "Sale" section and also at TRMS FB page once finished. Right now Im still looking all over the net for a cool build of this kit that I can use as a reference. So far I find the kit very solid and it has a nice proportion but lacks in details, so maybe I'll focus that by adding panels and maybe some after market parts just to lift the design but still maintaining the original design. 

Photo c/o Hobby Link Japan


Bandai HG00 1/144 GN-005 Gundam Virtue

Done with my 1/144 Gundam Virtue from Bandai. This model will be under the "customized model kits for sale" of Team Renegade Modeling Services. Very impressive kit especially for a 1/144th scale, assembly is quite easy with minimal seams that needs to be sealed. Well-balanced and can be pose fairly. My only gripe is the lack of details which I think becoming standard with Bandai's 1/144 releases. Since I love the proportion of the kit, I did not made any drastic modifications. I just added a couple of details (panel lines, plastic rods and decals from Bandai & Samuel) to improve the overall look of the kit. Fully painted with Gaianotes lacquers, panel wash with Tamiya enamels.

More photos at -- Mechaion Designs 


For Sale Page Updated

Updated the For Sale page! All items are from original manufacturers such as Bandai, Tamiya, etc. All painted and customized. I will also add my recent commission works soon. Please do check it out, thanks folks!