Bandai HG00 Virture Gundam WIP

Next WIP for the TRMS 2nd auction. It will be a clean build with a bit of detailing to complement my previous Nadleeh build.


Bandai MG MS-07B-15 Gouf Custom

My latest build, its a Master Grade Gouf Custom from Bandai. Did a couple of modifications to improve the proportion such as shorten the snout, widen the torso area, the shoulders were also bulked up, dropped the crotch-thigh joints, widen the thigh armors, extended the front crotch armor & widen the front and rear skirts. Minor detailing was also done. Changed the color into a greyish scheme. Weathered using pastels and oils. Kudos to my friend KKK for sharing "Texas Colony's" work as reference.

More photos at -- Mechaion Designs