NG 1/100 Exia WIP

Late post that will be used as reference for the TRMS auction.

-(Left) NG Exia dry fit, (Right) Out of the box kit [Photo c/o Dalong]

-Neck joint extended by 2mm using Tamiya Pla-plates.

-Scribed panel line to simulate vents on the cheek piece.

-Cuts on the shoulder armor, will place styrene plate and bars to simulate internals.

-Addition of details on the torso (scribed panel lines, rivet holes and addition of Wave O-bolts)

-Lowered the crotch-thigh joints by at least 5mm. Reinforced by Wave C-line and 2mm of styrene sheets.

-Another mock assembly after adjusting the proportion. 

-More additional details (panel lines and rivet holes).

-Pre-painting modifications on the thighs to avoid masking.

-Filled the gaps with epoxy putty.

-Sharpen the blades using styrene and CA glue.

-Painted and decals applied, before the final flat coat.