HobbyBoss 1/72 F-16C Fighting Falcon

This is my 2nd aircraft build, improved a little bit compared to my first attempt which is the A-10, but still needs a lot of practice. Painted with Gaianotes lacquers, pastels for the wash and weathering, I want the finished model to be a bit dirty like its a workhorse with lots of flight time. I also messed up the back part of the canopy (fogged by spilling thinner) that's why I opted to just paint it. Not that historically accurate, sorry to all flyboys out there. Pardon the photos, its a bit grainy, cant get the right settings for my cam this time.

More photos at -- Mechaion Designs


HobbyBoss 1/72 F-16C: WIP 4

Here's the result after cleaning the pastel wash. Quite happy with the streaking effects. 

Close-up and belly view. Just a final top coat and its all done.


HobbyBoss 1/72 F-16C: WIP 3

Just showing you guys the gap on the belly side. I always use an epoxy putty to cover and level gaps like this. 

Murphy's Law of Modeling. I accidentally spilled my thinner (while cleaning the puttywork) on several parts including the back canopy causing it to fog. Tried fixing it with progressive sanding and compounds but failed. Next resort is just to paint it. Historic accuracy down the drain. LOL

-Primed and ready for pre-shading
-Freehand the light gray
-Mask the edges using sticky tack
-Apply the second color

Here's the result of the camouflage scheme. I also applied 2 coats of satin varnish to seal the decal work. 

Pastel wash all over the model for that weathered look.

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Bandai EX Model YMT-05 Hildolfr

Another commission work out of the way. Just finished this 1/144 EX Model Hildolfr. Quite interesting model kit, half tank half mecha. Assembly's fairly simple and got great details. The usual OOTB, changed the scheme into a bluish-green color as requested by the client. Waterslide decals are also provided which is good since the kit is pretty pricey. Painted with Gaianotes lacquers, wash with Tamiya enamels, filters done using Artist's Oils and pigments for the dust effect. 

As of posting time, most (90%) of the dust effects were already removed (good thing I didnt apply any fixative on the pigments). The client finds it to be a bit too weathered for his taste.

More Photos at -- Mechaion Designs

HobbyBoss 1/72 F-16C: WIP 2

With the EX Model Hildolfr out of the way, I can finally go back to the F16 build which Im really excited to do. Started to seal the body and armaments. Still a long way to go but Im taking my time. I can see now that this bird will receive a lot of putty and sanding especially the belly area.

Painted the cockpit with flat black & did some detailing on the pilot seat by adding belts made out of strips of masking tape.

Bandai EX Model 1/144 YMT-05 Hildolfr: WIP 4

Satin coat + decals

Wash and filters applied

Here's a mock assembly before the flat coat and pigments.