Bandai EX Model YMT-05 Hildolfr

Another commission work out of the way. Just finished this 1/144 EX Model Hildolfr. Quite interesting model kit, half tank half mecha. Assembly's fairly simple and got great details. The usual OOTB, changed the scheme into a bluish-green color as requested by the client. Waterslide decals are also provided which is good since the kit is pretty pricey. Painted with Gaianotes lacquers, wash with Tamiya enamels, filters done using Artist's Oils and pigments for the dust effect. 

As of posting time, most (90%) of the dust effects were already removed (good thing I didnt apply any fixative on the pigments). The client finds it to be a bit too weathered for his taste.

More Photos at -- Mechaion Designs