HGUC Zaku II WIP Update: Torso & Crotch Mods

Back to Gundams again after trying and experimenting on Armor kits. This is for the Mechapinoy In-house compe. Its a 1/144 scale Zaku II kit and I'm just gonna do some small modifications which will be hardly noticeable once painted. Maybe add some panel lines and little bits of details here and there just to improve the aesthetic look of it. But basically Im still going for the OOTB look.

Reshaped and bulked up the torso using pla-plates and epoxy putty. I find the stock torso to be a little bit out of proportion (small for the head). I also placed some plates at the sides just to give it some depth or detail.

Modified the crotch area too... extended it forward to complement the torso.