1/35 Raiden Armor WIP: Figure Painting

I started painting the figure which will be sandwiched inside the main body of the kit. The figure was hand brushed using Gunze Lacquer Paints and washed with Tamiya Enamels. The photo above shows the finished figure also applied with flat coat. You may also notice that I did not bother to remove the mold lines on the arms and legs & I only painted the upper half. This is because the figure will only be partially seen when the whole kit is done.

Here are some photos of the painting process...

1. unpainted figure, 2. dark tones applied, 3. light tones applied, 4. details ang highlights, 5. enamel wash

1. 2. 3.
4. 5.

I also painted the interior of the cockpit,hatch and joints with midnight blue. Flat coat was also applied.

Main body assembled with pilot inside.