Bandai 1/35 UCHG M61A5 Main Battle Tank “Semovente” Phantom Element

Here's the 3rd and final kit of the commission builds I took. Also my first Hard Graph model kit from Bandai. As a fan of armour kits I find this one very impressive specially the perfect fitting and good amount of details. My only gripe is the quality of plastic is far compared with other brands that produce military kits such as Tamiya, Trumpeter and Dragon, which more resistant to enamel thinner or turpentine. 

About the build... primed with Mr Surfacer 1000 and painted with both Gaianotes and Mr Color lacquer paints. Pinwash applied using Tamiya enamels. Filters and Colour variation was done using Artist Oils. Dusting was also achieved using powdered pigments. Honestly I find the whole build a bit clean for my taste. If it was up to me I like to add more weathering (larger chippings, rust and mud) but the client only wants a subtle amount of it. 

With all 3 commission builds done, I can finally proceed and finish my own kit which is already 2 years old in the making due to on & off progress.

More photos at -- Mechaion Designs