HobbyBoss 1/72 F-16C

Lots of build going on. This one is for the Aviation GB (Plazone). This is only my 2nd aircraft build so Im still not quite out of the dark yet. Still reading and researching for references on how to build AC model kits. Since its not a very strict GB, I plan to play a bit on the scheme but will use the Aggressor variation as a guide but probably wont that historically correct. So to avid aircraft modelers out there, apologies in advance. :) 

Here's the cockpit area, not to shabby, I only used the decals provided for the details but Im not that satisfied so maybe I'll still do some retouches or oil paintings just to enhance the look a little bit more.

As expected its tail-heavy, So just put a lead weight inside the nose, and problem solved!

For the canopy, I'll just polish it with Tamiya Compund. A must have for AC builds

Here's the bird after a mock assembly, still need to glue most parts and for sure a lot of putty-ing to follow.