Bandai MG Wing Gundam Zero TV Ver.

Latest commission project and first build of this year. Its a Master Grade Wing Gundam Ver. Ka by Bandai + resin conversion parts (Wing Zero TV Ver.). Painted with Gaianotes lacquer paints and TamiyaTestors enamels. Bandai, Samuel decals & G-options Aurora film were also used for additional  details. This is probably one of the hardest scale models I've build due to the fact that the resin parts are recasted,  therefore most of the parts does not fit properly requiring a lot of trimming and modifications. The surface quality is also quite poor that it took me several coats of primer and sanding/re-sanding. The small details are also obscure that you have to replace it with after-market parts (Kotobukiya MSG's). There is also an issue of paint lifting after masking even though I already used Mr. Resin Primer. But overall it was a decent and challenging convo kit to work on. Im also digging the sexy proportion of the kit. A friendly advise to everyone who might like resin kits or conversion parts. Get the original cast, it might be more expensive but it has a higher quality and will save you time and effort when you build it. :D

More photos at -- Mechaion Designs