1/35 Raiden Armor WIP: Weathering Part 1

Started weathering this kit. My style or preference usually begins with a pinwash using Tamiya Enamel (Dark Brown), this is to raise the details of the kit. This was followed by drybrushing to represent scratches which I stressed on the edges and moving parts I also din some paint chippings using a small piece of sponge. Gunze Lacquer (Dark Gray) was used for both drybrushing and chippings. After drying I sprayed a clear coat of semi gloss, just to protect the paint job and plastic for the next step.

After the semi gloss coat cured, I applied a filter which is a diluted mixture of Burnt Sienna. This is to simulate the discoloration of paintjob. It can also give more depth specially on monotonous subjects. I also placed "rust" on the edges and chipped areas by handbrushing Burnt Sienna + Burnt Umber + Black then blending them slowly until I get the result I wanted. I used oil paints by the way.

Here are the rest of the parts after filtering and rust application;

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