Academy 1/72 A-10A Thunderbolt

My first aircraft build and contribution to Mechapinoy's aircraft group build. This was a 1/72nd scale model kit from Academy and also a straight OOTB build. I encountered a couple of problems and fitting issues which was fixed by lots of trimmings and putty work. The hardest part for me was painting the canopy since all the details and edges were inside the canopy, I also kindda messed it up. After gluing it to the fuselage and removing the mask, I saw some dust accumulating and sticking inside the canopy (cannot remove it anymore since I used a clear epoxy as adhesive). At the end, it’s still very enjoyable, for me at least. Since this is another first for me and I've also learned a lot from my mistakes. This also broadens my interest in dealing and building other genres aside from mechas and armors.

More photos at Mechaion Designs.