Raiden Armor Done

Here’s my contribution to the “Weathering VS Metallic” group build of Zero G. It’s a 1/35th scale Raiden Armor from Bandai. Pretty much an old school kit, lots of seam lines but the details were quite good. I chose this kit mainly because of its scale; I really want and need to practice my weathering since I’m becoming an avid fan or armor kits. About the build, it was purely OOTB except for the additional rifle/weapon. Painted with a mixture of dark yellow and tan (Gunze Lacquer Paints). Same mix with my previous Panzerspahwagen build. For the highlights I just added white to the base color. For the weathering; at first I plan to do it simple and conservative, but I went overboard and decided to make it heavy for a change (not sure if I overdo it). Pin wash, Filter, rust were achieved using oil paints (burnt umber, burnt sienna, black, white and yellow ochre). I also used a Balkenkreuz emblem and some German decals since I’m going with the Afrika Korps scheme.

More photos at Mechaion Designs